Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ok... a little late with posting a great deal of material, so bear with me!

Hi all,

Wow... I have not posted anything since July 18th. It's really bad man, really bad. I forget about my blog- which has brought me so much fame from these writings.

There has been alot of things going on, most of which the government in The Bahamas- my country- has changed. So, I have new responsibilities- not that I'm a government employee, but it's just the way things happen.

Anyways... what about the attack that killed US Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens? (RIP)

Apparently, he was killed in the attack- smoke inhalation- after protesters set fire to the US Embassy compound, destroying the entire thing. (a short video on youtube was posted by protesters dragging Ambassador Stevens out of the compound, but he was still alive... they were screaming that "he is alive" and thanking God that he was.

There is a man wanted for questioning in organizing this attack in Libya. Apparently, he was a former Gitmo detainee who was released into the custody of the Libyan authorities prior to Qaddafi being ousted- he was supposed to be kept in jail.

In any case, the official line- and impetus for the attack- was that it was sparked by a 15 min trailer of a movie produced by an American independent film maker, where the Prophet Mohammad, was mocked and put into a situation where he was called a racist and a homosexual as well as a pedophile. (yea... that would do it)

So, as you can imagine, Muslims were livid. Thus leading to the attack in Libya, and the protests in other Arab/Middle Eastern countries. (which is quite unfortunate)...

Suffice to say that the US has not retaliated as yet. Probably not going to be anything until after the US Presidential elections in November- which by all intents and purposes, seems as if Mr. Obama is going to win in a very easy election. Even these recent attacks, which hit at the core of his foreign policy endeavours and his bonafides on national security, won't put a dent into his campaign armour.

More from me later... hope I got the more salient points on the recent protests.