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Saturday, August 15, 2009

In a dead news cycle...

Well, there are some issues out there to report. I have not been posting as much, bit part due to laziness and another due to a little boredom with what's been going on. But, some things out there bear some mention.

For one, my condolences to the people in China for being hurled out of their homes and injured during the Typhoon that hit last week. Over 1 million people have been displaced as rough estimates have it. At least things are getting better. A typhoon in Asia, 20 years ago, would have had 1 million people dead--not merely displaced. While we can't diminish the act of mother nature, we can only thank God that it was not worse.

The health care debate in the USA rages on. The need for reform is simple to me-- the majority of the people who are un-insured are between lower and lower middle class persons. Who are in the majority of the persons in the lower to lower middle class demographic? African Americans and Hispanics. Do you really expect an African American president to not attempt health care reform, seriously?

The major issue of contention is that some folks feel that they would lose their benefits. I don't think that's a real issue. Too bad politics has gotten in the middle of this debate. Grassroots and mid-term election politics at that. I say no more as I will allow the reader to connect the dots....

China lost it's case in the WTO over foreign media rights and control. Will they adhere to the ruling, is another issue. But, with the amount of piracy and controlled content on a multi-billion dollar industry in the West, media and film, China, cannot be allowed to control the goods market and control how much money is earned from their populace with regard to Western culture.

Tis all for now....
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