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Monday, October 19, 2009

More terrorist's in the U.S. financial services industry?

What a trip. The FT reports that the Sri Lankan government has reported: " , the New York-based billionaire and hedge fund manager charged in an alleged insider trading scheme on Friday, was funding the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, which is considered a terrorist group by the US, the Sri Lankan government claimed on Sunday."

Last week it was the U.S. Treasury stating that no one is to do business with financier Bekkay Harrach and put him on a blact list of sorts, by naming him.

I knew the oil hungry barons and futures traders of the west would go ahead and dig a bigger ditch for Americans and people within the west. They all just enjoyed the high price of oil and now, you have wealthy financiers who are hundreds of thousands of dollars richer, who STILL hate the west-- financiers who they helped to make money.

I wonder if more of this name and shame will come about? Not accusing Raj Rajaratnam of anything. But, considering that terrorism is taken death serious nowadays, we have to look at it from a hard angle.

In any event, Raj is not middle eastern, but from south-east Asia. He is no oil baron and nothing to say that he is connected in any way to the middle east, like Harrach is. In addition, the Tamil Tigers are not really an enemy of America the way Al-Quiada is.

We will see...
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