Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coming down the home stretch..

When will the EU and the USA put something in for small and medium businesses?

I think the TARP, and the other stimulus plans for bank's across Europe, were a little flawed in the sense that they forgot that the same market mechanisms that the capital injections were passed through, is what messed the economy up in the first place. And, also, flawed because the same institutions, were still saddled with the same inept and in some cases corrupt individuals.

However, the idea that Central Bank's across the board were willing to support their banking systems, no matter what, staved off larger disaster.

The issue now must be with small businesses. I don't care if it's with green energy or dirty diesel mechanics, just get some relief to small businesses.

Direct par roll subsidies may be a start. Trade financing has to be another idea, especially throughout the USA...support courier and carrier services as well to reduce the cost of transportation- through fuel credits, tax cuts on packaging material and pay roll subsidies.

Are these ideas too far fetched, or are they just what the world needs right now?
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