Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bloggers and Journalists I read...

Hi folks...I know most of you who pop in and read the blog, especially the friends on my friends list, want to know-- well, Youri, who do you read and why?

Its a good question. In fact, I read allot of random stuff. But, mostly, I read allot of economic, political and financial news. Stuff that really bores you. Stuff, so boring, that it would put folks to sleep on the first few paragraphs!

I'm not a novel kind of guy...you know!?!? The guy who likes Sidney Sheldon, or even a Steven King. I read allot of magazines and working papers, with a little bit of non-fiction.

Have not yet read Freakonomics, but am dying to. I should have jumped at the chance to read it when the book was offered to me by a friend of mine. Ah, well...hopefully, it won't go out of print.

But, back to the topic: Who do I read?

Well, I read, when he goes to print, Eugene Robinson from The Washington Post. I can see why he is the "award winning" Eugene Robinson from the Washington Post. He always gives you a great insight, plus a few new words. I have learned more about American news and politics from Robinson, than I have from anyone else in the print media.

Another person I read, almost all the time, is Clive Crook from The Financial Times. Simply a down the line, unbiased-- at least as far as I can see-- when he writes about American politics. Probably because he is a Brit, who observes American politics than someone who feels as if they have a vested stake in what goes on.

Willem Butier from The Financial Times as well. He had stellar, award winning style, work when the economic crisis of 08-09 was going down. He led the intellectual community and led the thought on what must be done. His stewardship of the thinking on how to handle the crisis- from government bail-outs to zombie banks- is priceless. Plus, he is an LSE Professor...my alma mater. If he has not won an award yet, he should!

Paul Krugman from The New York Times. Say what you want to say about his politics, his views are valuable and his work, stands for itself. Another great mind of our time that we must take into out daily living, if we say we are management and development personnel and, leaders of the free-world. Another professor from The LSE

Charles Krauthammer, who publishes in the Washington Times from time to time plus a Fox news contributor. The centre of the centre when it comes to common sense. When the left goes loony, he brings issues back into focus. Eye always on the ball. Concerted. Probably a little too much on the right, but certainly enough centre to make a good case against lefties like Krugman and the other folks who go way off the rails.

Dani Rodrik's weblog, is also a must follow. Probably more academic content than Krugman and Butier combined. Harvard Professor of Economics. His work on industrial activity and the need for government, gives the free market proponents more than a minute to rethink their strategy. When you read Rodrik, you get a sense that the unashamed free-marketeers "know" better!

Of course, staples like The Economist, Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal are in the mix. But, these few authors, stand out.
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