Monday, March 1, 2010

Will Cameron be the next British PM?

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I like him (Cameron). But, I also appreciate Gordon Brown. Brown has showed tremendous leadership during this crisis and took over a Britain, behind a Tony Blair, who was one of the more stellar global statesmen that we had ever seen- more charismatic than Thatcher. To follow a path like that, like John Major tried, would have been foolhardy!

To be frank- Gordon Brown hasn't done me or any Brit, anything aside from preside over an economic crisis that no one knew would or could happen.

Also, Cameron, is a little weak on his platform- his attacks on Brown are spectacular, however. But, attacks, with a very intelligent British electorate, does not get you very far.

Cameron will be PM one day. Maybe in May- a refreshing change is needed in the British parliament. Hopefully, he will get in before Brown hands the reigns over to David Milliband- another well like, well spoken, attractive leader within the Labour ranks!

Time will tell.
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