Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The oncoming financial reform...

It appears evident that the The United States will undergo some form of financial reform.

It's about time for reform, as well. However, some US congressmen, particularly Ben Nelson of Nebraska, don't want to broach the issue and have voted no for reform- ending the possibility of bringing the debate to the floor for a vote, by subsequently ending cloture.

It will happen. Forget about health care for just a second. The issue is financial reform...as you can see, even health care was impacted by the financial services sector vis a vis the insurance companies.

Until the insurance companies were bought out and they were assured to not lose market share, they went along with the deal and their lobbying subsided.

Without a doubt, the complex, exotic, derivatives and over the counter trades will have to come under more supervision. The murky asset pricing strategies must come under scrutiny as well.

What will not have a chance of being assessed, is the ratings agencies and how they assess the market and assets. This is too much of an art form- asset pricing- more than it is a cause from the basis of malfeasance.

Let the buyer be ware....
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