Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trade Value up...

WTO Press Release.

Well, Trade Value is up 25%. No report on the actual trade volume. I think if you were to examine trade volume up to the date the latest trade value report came out, you would see there are some particular things involved with regard to the puzzling, as it seems, numbers.

The latest WTO report on trade volume was dismal but expected to rebound in 2010.
WTO Report

The interesting thing is that trade value, began to rise after China revalued it's currency. No doubt China played a huge factor in the evaluation process of the value figures.

So, it is not "more" trade. Or, even more "valuable" trade as it relates to volume-- but, simply, more value added due to currency valuations-- even without any empirical studies.

I guess it pays to read the news, all the time.
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