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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ireland gets Financial Aid...

Well, the stabilisation of the weaker EU countries has begun. See here an article from the Business Week online Magazine on how Ireland has just now won a financial aid package from the EU and IMF to the tune of 85 billion Euro's-- just over 113 billion USD. Business Week article

The fear is the contagion of the financial crisis. As you well know, contagion risk after the first financial crisis, brought on by the USA, was not seen as quickly and hence, the current global recession was deeper and more severe.

Ireland is no where near the level of the USA in terms of financial clout, or interconnectivity throughout the world, but it may seep slowly in through to other, relatively, smaller EU countries and emerging markets that dabbled in Irish markets- particularly with sovereign bonds.

Ireland was not on the same stabilisation package as Britain was during the onset of the US led financial crisis. So, help reaching Ireland was late and was not an option at the time- as the thought was that their impact and contagion would be minimal.

However, fears over spread of contagion is evident, by at least IMF and EU leaders.
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