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Friday, December 31, 2010

Oil is rising again...

Same ol'e story... See Business Week article.

Well, it seems as if the battle we had for 2009 and 2010- the battle on derivatives trading and futures, especially in the commodities market- will be the battle again for 2011.

Don't look for the GOP to make any substantial headway in this issue. They are more in line with Wall St. than the Democrats. Even though a few key staff from the Obama administration have gone on to work for Wall St. and he also has plucked a few Wall St. folks to work for his administration.

Will we see $5.00 a gallon oil by 2012? Yes, if the trend continues and nothing is done about the futures market for oil. What does that mean for the rest of the world? Well, for China is means higher costs for production, which means higher cost for the inexpensively made goods many people import from China.

For the Caribbean, it means another year of skyrocketing prices in almost everything. Damaging the prospects of strong growth. The Bahamas has been well over $4.00 for a gallon of gasoline. Everywhere, except for Trinidad, has seen oil prices at ghastly levels. In fact, Trinidad produces oil and they have kept their oil per gallon price to under $1.00. Can you imagine that? Gas for a buck US?

It isn't fair... but, blame the US congress for not acting more strongly on separating the oil market from the dollar. And, now, also blame Ben Bernanke for mulling- in open forum- the possibility of a $600 billion dollar injection of cash into the American economy- which no one has made the attempt to ensure that the flow of this injection, goes only to Main St. and not at all Wall St.

This is the life.
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