Wednesday, January 26, 2011

President Obama's State of the Union Address..

Well, it was last night (Jan 25th, 2011 for historical record keeping purposes). I don't know why I tuned in, but it was typical Obama none the less. However, while the delivery was the same, the contents of the speech were different.

Why do I say it was different? Well, President Obama was talking about deficit reductions in a way that it he weaved into, or, out of, corporate concessions for business. It almost sounded as if George Bush could have given the speech. LOL...

He also praised the movements in Tunisia. If you have not heard, Tunisia just put out its president for almost life last week, and the people have also been rooting out his cabinet as well. No idea on when real elections will take place, but that is another story.

President Obama also talked about not repealing Health Care Reform. Apparently, some want to repeal it-- the numbers have been dwindling on that number for repeal, but it is still a stead group of congress persons who are in favour of repealing Health Care Reform.

Hopefully, President Obama spoke right to their hearts and they leave the repeal talk alone. Plus, it would set a bad precedent and it may also come across as racist. Don't want that, do we?

Anyways... the speech was typical in Obama's delivery, but a little different with regard to the content. See full speech here
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