Thursday, March 24, 2011

Libya has been under attack!

I hate to be late with news. But, my job isn't about being on point with the time of the events, it's about the analysis of the issues! Therefore, I have a pass!

But, in case you have not heard, Libya has been under attack from UN sanctioned forces, including NATO. Leading the way are the French- where Libya was a former colony of sorts- and the USA, where there has been a huge political backlash (from the GOP of all places) about the authorisation of force on in Libya.

Whatever the case may be about the political gamesmanship, war is serious. The USA is still in the middle of the Middle East with Iraq and Afghanistan. The never ending wars. The main question is for the Libyan case: what exactly will be the end game for the USA? Will it be a continuation of the war in the Middle East- making the case even clearer on the perception that the USA is going for an all out colonisation of the Middle East- and how will the USA find themselves with less terrorists as a result: the "less terrorists" theory, being predicated on the idea that stuck in the minds of policy and security analysts, who were and still are critical of the war in Iraq, because they feel as if it breeds more terrorists as a result of invading Iraq, because it would have and is galvanizing anti-American Jihadists in the region.

The French case is a little different. France has a very vocal Islamic minority. They have taken to the streets in the past for equal rights and justice in the recent past (2005 to be exact), much like the African American civil rights struggle in America in the 60's and 70's.

France, seeing Libya as a country that it had under it's control gone awry, has taken the lead initiative in this UN sub NATO force. The politics in France is unclear on their direction and intent in Libya as well. However, reports have it that President Sarkozy is leaning towards ending the invasion and the aerial assault on Libya, short of actually ousting of Muammar Gaddafi. Which seems rather odd as it's the ousting of Gaddafi that the invasion and aerial assault on Libya was supposed to be all about?

No doubt, Libya has French and American companies in the thick of the oil and construction business. The destruction of Libya would mean the destruction of American and French interests. The war between Gaddafi and the rebels may last long than anticipated, especially if Gaddafi digs his heels in and goes in for the long fight-- which he appears to be wanting to do.

Gaddafi's son has said that he will die in Libya for the people of Libya, or something to that effect. This may drag on... a case scenario that no one wants, especially if time is money and money means oil and investment and the destabilization of Libya in the medium to long term!
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