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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Obama got Osama!

So Obama got Osama. This is a sure way to get re-elected. Do you think it was timed? Perhaps just a little timed. But, I really feel as if they could not find Osama Bin-Laden- the allied NATO forces- for about two to three years after September 11 and after the invasion of Afghanistan. After all, they still have not found Mullah Omar either and he was the cheif Taliban leader.

Reports have it that CIA had the house where Bin-Laden was killed under surveilance for over 6 months. They wanted to make sure that it was in fact Bin-Laden.

To me, I think they should have captured him. Why? So they can find out what in particular was in the mind of Bin-Laden, map his physiology and his brain patterns. There must have been something distinctive about Bin-Laden that made him the way he was.

But, in any case, it is over.... for now. Even as 80 Pakistani recruits and personell were killed two days ago in retaliatory fashion, the Bin-Laden issue is over.

Congrats to President Obama!
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