Sunday, July 3, 2011

DSK is now free to roam!

If you have not heard, Dominique Strauss-Khan, the former head of the IMF has been released from his house arrest over the last week.

Funny thing is that while his release has been seen as an achievement for proponents of his innocence, the woman that has accused him of rape is now coming under much scrutiny.

Apparently the woman- who is still nameless to many- is a hotel maid with a very large bank account. Too large to go unnoticed. In addition to this hotel maid being a very wealthy woman, he boyfriend is also a convicted man currently serving time for drug charges.

The twists and turns are getting twistier and turnier. People have long claimed that it was a set up and the "powers that be" wanted DSK out of the IMF. For what reason is still unknown to many. Other conspiracy theorists state that the other reason why the powers that be wanted to smear DSK was because they wanted to stunt his chances for running for the French Presidency next year.

Whatever it may be, the turn of events with the hotel maid and her now known background, leaves questions to be answered.

Where will it turn from here on in, no one knows just yet.
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