Monday, October 31, 2011

Where is the people's money? American banks must find it!

Article from Thomas Friedman: Here.

Well, in not so many words, this is why I for one was not too upset when they started to come after the "tax havens"... the money is there somewhere. In a vault, under some one's basement floor, or in a Swiss/Cayman/Bermudian/Jersey Shore bank account- the latter is more likely.

The quicker the powers that be find out where the people's money went, the better off the entire world will be. We can do nothing about it except for hope, and pray, that a solution is found to the mess. Sure, some of it is in China, but that was a legitimate issue- a major chunk of the ill gotten gains were stolen by some people we don't even know. Makes you spitting mad, doesn't it?
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