Monday, March 19, 2012

Former Premier, Turks and Caicos Islands- warrant out for the arrest of Michael Misick!

Just when you thought it was over, they came right back again. See here an article from the Jamaica Gleaner, stating that Michael Misick has been issued a Red Notice (provisional warrant for those facing extradition) for his arrest by Interpol. Jamaica Gleaner  

Can't say we have not warned him, he was out of order for years now. Since he was ousted back in, 2009 he has been on the lamb and away from the authorities.

Just a refresher: Here is an article I wrote back on this blog and appeared in tyhe TCI Net News in November, 2008 about the issues Misick was facing. My piece on Misick in 2008  

It wasn't good then and it ain't good now!
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