Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Congrats to re-elected US President: Barack Hussein Obama.

I don't think he should be ashamed or feel guilty for his middle name anymore!

But there is one note about the recent US Presidential elections, despite a still flagging economy and seemingly lowering American world stature, Americans took the idea of the American Dream in that of Pres. Obama and what he as President stood for.

I guess that is one thing we should never sell short. The idea that the American Dream in that you can make it and have a shot at it in America, lives on and is stronger than their problems or current circumstances.

There was no way possible Mitt Romney- the GOP candidate- could have won on that score. You know why? Because he appeared to be a part of the same old, same old. Nothing path breaking about him when pitted against Pres. Obama's exceptionality.

Another thing of note is that now, finally, the GOP should begin to court African Americans and Latinos and even Asians as a priority. I think the racial barriers need to come down first, and not necessarily the other social items to which liberals stand for- gender issues and socialist principles.

I happen to feel that Blacks and Latinos have more socially to identify within the GOP than they do with the Democrats.

Well, for now, congrats to the Pres. Obama and his re-election. May God continue to guide him, through all that he does.
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