Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Did I forget Davos?

Business leaders--and I use that term loosely-- met in Davos for the annual World Economic forum summit over the weekend, with other civic and governmental leaders. How could i have forgotten to tell you about it?

Here is the schedule and a link to the website....
Davos Schedule

Forgive me. In any event, there wasn't anything special as Davos this year lost its mass appeal.

Folks, from world over, normally gather around the story telling circle, to hear about the exploits of the Masters of the Universe. However, the Masters of the Universe, have masterfully dodged the session this year.

Some guys, like the ousted Thain from Merrill Lynch, was supposed to be hosting a party this year as ML normally does. But, because he is no more and the company, is being forced to cut back, the party is off and so is he.

I didn't think it would have been wise to have a party in the midst of all of this turmoil in the financial markets, caused by financiers. It would have been bad PR, to say the very least!

For the most part, bankers got the brunt of the criticism as well they should. Politicians, particularly the ones from Russia and China (go figure), were bashing the entire Western Capitalist model.

Ah well....perhaps we would have better news in 2010?
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