Friday, February 20, 2009

Livni out, Netanyahu in...

What a difference a day makes in Israel!?!?!
Netanyahu forms coalition

I should have guessed this, but really thought that the country, was moving past their nationalist sentiments, to not go with Netanyahu, for the mere sake of having a parliament seat.

Tzipi Livni, the leader of the Kadima party in Israel, who won by one seat (28-27) over her nearest rival, the Likud Party led by former PM Benjamin Netanyahu, has just been side-barred by a coalition of Likud and two other sub-parties.

The parliament in the coalition, said they preferred to back Netanyahu. Surprising that it happened, but not surprising that the coalition sub-parties, chose the side they can extract they best benefits from.

There was no point in joining Kadima, because Kadima had the numbers by party. So, it made sense, to form a coalition, where one, or, maybe two of your MP's, would get a chance to get into the Netanyahu parliament if they struck a deal.

How long will it last, is beyond me. However, Ms. Livni cannot be too pleased,. having power stolen from her by some weak kneed coalition, fractured, with a blood lust nationalist like Netanyahu at the helm.

All he needs [Netanyahu] is a major accident and he can unite Israel under his leadership.

I don't smell anything good of this. Truly!

Israeli's will regret this day!
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