Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nice article on Financial Reform....

The Economist.

Sets out some key areas on reform. Not too analytical, but it sums up what reforms are already in the pipeline for the USA. The key of it all is the reform on derivatives- no more back room dealing, but now derivatives will be traded on the open market.

Sounds good. It will force firms to trade deviates and derivative packages they know, and now because also it will be attached to their overall firm's performance.

The other key things are mostly administrative- new general council to oversee things (big government) and special powers through the FED to use tax payers money to save failing banks and stop them from spreading their problems through the system.

The last is mostly cosmetic, as it only will serve as a warning shot in the early stages to other firms who may look like a firm in distress, so they can get out of the activity they are engaged. Will not stop a panic from starting, but it will stop a panic from being so severe over a long period of time.
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