Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Afghanistan gets messier!

Afghan officer kills 9 US Soldiers.

This is where the danger of Afghanistan gets to a real point where the US should really get out of the arena. It's to a point where an officer of the law, who has no apparent ties to al-Queada or the Taliban, have apparently gone off of his rocker and hit out at Afghan and American soldiers.

The risk of retaliation is obvious. This is where American soldiers may get bogged down into a situation where they may feel as if they should retaliate, but if they do retaliate against the Afghan military they run the risk of jeopardizing their operation to a larger extent-- you would have the insurgents and the organised military that you (the US army) trained against you.

I hope the US military does not retaliate and they do in fact keep their cool. If they don't, it can get worse and it will spill over into the life of Afghanistan.
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