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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Middle East war rages on...

It just keeps spreading. Reports have it that hundreds of protesters have been killed in Syria. Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has put the hit out on anyone in the streets. The response by the allied powers- France, USA and Britain- has been luke warm.

This is a very nasty turn of events. As the premium has been placed on Libya, Syrian armed forces are getting away with genocide. There is no oil in Syria, you see? But, an unstable Syria is a threat to Israel. But, how much of a premium on Israeli security should the allies place?

In turn, speaking about Libya, the allies are not letting go of the thought that Gadaffi should, simply, just leave. Apparently, Gadaffi had a lengthy meeting with South African president, Jacob Zuma, where reports indicate that Gadaffi left the meeting with the intention of offering a peace treaty with rebels in the north in Ben-Gazi.

In the meantime, rebels in Ben Gazi have started to make strong preparations to export oil on a steady pace.

The mess in Syria compared to the mess in Libya seems unfair and uneven. But, such is the nature of geopolitics.
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