Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BOE to keep rates as is at .5%!

Minutes from the BOE MPC meeting!

UK equity prices had risen by 13% on the month, following a rise in the previous month, with the United Kingdom sharing a more general recovery in global equity markets. There had been further downward revisions to market analysts’ expectations of UK companies’ earnings growth in 2009.

The issue to watch, equity prices, is the first sign that things are improving. If the market maintains it's growth and the rally is sustained, things can begin the get better..however, will this be segregated growth, or will this trickle down to the rest of the folks off of Broad Street?

Inflation is still certainly the watch item and the Asset Purchase Facility seems to have that tamped down. But, are equities up on the APF alone or is this a real market strengthening?

To early to tell...we have to see consumer spending and savings on individuals, to co relate this with the "good" news!
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