Friday, May 1, 2009

Going to be scarce for a while...

Dear all,

I am trying to REALLY finish this paper. I will blog from time to time, but don't expect the information to be as insightful as you have become accustomed to on all and every topic.

I have to concentrate on this and get this done, what I have been planning to do since January of this year.

I will post bland information for comment, but not so much comment of my own as it takes time to read the information and dissect what's horse radish from what's not.

You can be surprised as to how much it takes, especially with econ and financial news, to dig into and separate what's theory from what's reality and from what's just utter garbage.

Keep reading as I still have my online subscriptions to the best sources for information from Europe, the US and Latin America.

At least for the college students, who read this blog more than you imagine, would find it more than useful.

Also, I will try to keep up my once a week comment--if you have not noticed already.

So, this is not me shutting down--but, slowing the gear to focus on other things.


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