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Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy 36th Independence Bahamas!

It's been 36 years since we were made independent from Great Britain, my country of birth the Bahamas has. It is not all rosy, but it ain't all bad either. No more Queen, but we have a young democracy that has critical flaws. One being which we can't seem to find a way to allow for strong debate, without it being deadlocked or forced down the throats of everyone and sundry or on the other end, the plaintiff ending up in tremendous social difficulty. The second is that we have not found a way to provide for equity for a greater majority, to which Bahamians can find ownership and control the flows of this country.

My feeling is that since Independence, we have not had any major changes from the status quo in the Bahamas since the early 80's. Nothing else is new with regard to economic reform or political reform, for any Bahamian to feel sound in mind to stand on his or her own feet and say what's best moving forward without being racked over the coals, first.

I would not trade my country of birth for anything, except for the USA, or being born as royalty in some Nordic country, however. Other than that, I like the Bahamas compared to any other country quite fine.

Happy Independence Bahamas!

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