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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Japan goes back to the people!

Elections, if we want to call them that, are on in Japan. Taro Aso, the beleaguered Japanese prime minister, is behind in the polls. Rumour has it that he, nearly, but not all as yet, would have resigned from the post in any event. The talk of the town is that the democrats, as rag tag as they are with a no name leader, will win....great God!

I wonder what has happened to the Japanese government? This is the most instability, per say, their country has had since the end of the world war. Considering the fact that of the last 40+ years, the liberals were the majority party. So what gives?

The wind of change, perhaps. In any event, I will be watching very closely. Does not help that the Japanese economy has been in flux for the last 2 years. A bit of good news about exports last month, but nothing to really write home about.
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