Friday, September 18, 2009

Interesting take on Japanese politics...

Washington Post article, from Yukio Okamoto.

Healthy politics in Japan is good and the author and I agree on that. But, The USA or Japan, neither, wants to align themselves with China in a G-2 with regard to the US-Sino or an Asia-2, with Japan and China.

China is the competitor. For both of them. Japanese economic disparities with production and exports with the USA can be worked out, due to the fact that they have a warmer relationship--with Japan being the one that normally complies with the wishes of the US.

China, however, is a different kettle of fish. They are not a remnant of the post world war two era and never was a major combatant. They never had US rule imposed on them, even though they were colonised by the British in the late 19th century.

The Japanese realize this. If anything, however, Japan has the most to gain from being liberated from US imperialism. For one, they can start a real army-- if they want to. Second, as with an issue that happened in the 80's where Voluntary Export Restraints were imposed by Japanese regulators on car exports, by the request of US policy makers, they wouldn't have the obligation to comply if they were asked by the US again for such VER's.

Take a look at the trade war now being on the brink between the US and China. This will not end well. The first issue which I feel that is important to mention, is that the response was swift by China. The issue seems to be all for nothing, but a pay of pitch to the car makers...when we think of auto-bail out, cash for clunkers, new car tech on the horizon and the green energy push, what did we expect would be the next step?

Obama is pushing the envelope and I said it before, as Jagdish Bhagwati sounded the alarm of the Obama administration's intention to turn way left on international trade, he is going to go hard left past the multi-lateral trading system and simply break America's commitment.

Little does Obama know, or care, is that he is hurting the people he's supposed to be helping......also, there are more competitors in the auto-part, "tyre industry" than is China. There's Brazil and Indonesia, right off of the bat.

But, back to Japan, the politics have changed and it may, well, WILL, be a positive factor for the Japanese. Hopefully they can change some of the players on the economic field who have grown accustomed to the one way political street.

News have been pouring out about the re-adjustments of the Japan Central Bank and other companies, Sony in particular, who have decided to do spectacular things in light of these factors.

So, things are changing to suit a more balanced political economy in Japan.
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