Saturday, September 26, 2009

Iran and their nukes!

The world turns so rapidly, sometimes. This time, it took G-20 leaders to find out that Iran was hiding their nuclear weapons programme.

President Obama said in a statement, flanked by Gordon Brown and Nicholas Sarkozy, of Britain and France respectively, stating that they have evidence of a site where Iran is hiding their nuclear weapons programme.

This, is after Iranian President, Ahmed-dinijad (sic) went on a tirade about the Holocaust and denying the claims that there ever was a Holocaust. Talk about being made incredible.

I don't think Iran ever wanted to "really" hide their weapons programme.It's just that the major European and American leaders, decided to break the news now.

What will happen? I know what should happen!

It's past sanctions, its to the point where we have to destroy the nuclear arsenal.

I don't think the Iranians know how close they are to being nuked themselves. Obama said as much on the campaign stump.

2010 will be a very eventful year. I can feel it. If Iran does not stop the nuclear programme, they will be attacked.

Take heed!
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