Thursday, September 3, 2009

What do you know or care about American Health care?

I have to be totally honest; I didn't know a thing about American Health care, or the issues surrounding it, until this debate came about and just seemingly won't die down.

From what I understand, the insurance companies are getting away with murder, charging folks with high premiums and no oversight as to what they price. The insurance companies, as I understand it, feel as if the American government wants to kill the private insurance industry.

Hospitals are denying care to folks without health coverage, but are mandated to see you, if whether or not they do have health insurance, once the person is in dire need of life threatening medical assistance.

The vaunted public option, is for the government to provide a health care insurance option, for anyone who wishes to be a part. There are estimated to be anywhere from over 40 to 60 million Americans that are uninsured.

The private insurance companies don't want the competition from government in the form of a public option. For obvious reasons, the government would crowd out competitive insurance organizations. However, the insurance industry is an oligopoly of sorts, ran by the large insurance firms.

Hispanics are more than likely to not have insurance, even over black Americans as pointed out in a recent survey. Also, women are 10 times more likely to be insured than men.

Americans, especially some elderly, don't want Medicare cuts. I know very little about Medicare and Medicaid, but apparently one is medical insurance for the elderly (Medicare) ran by the federal government. And, Medicaid, is a state run social insurance medical program for low income families, that fit a means based test.

My issue is; why can't the federal government add funding to Medicaid? It would be expensive, but you would get a smoother run to it than the negotiations you have going on now?

Cut spending in defense spending and put it to Medicaid. Revise the means test to let in a greater proportion in the scenario and then we may have something that we can work with.

America is going to end up spending allot of money on this health care revision in the first place. So, may as well fix the ones you have now and then worry about the price tag later.

Also, perhaps you should offer government bonds to insurance companies as a way to differ the price of insurance to a later date. Another way is to expand corporate bonds to cover health care as well as have that government backed.

Government backed corporate bonds to cover the cost of health care.
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