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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Specter is no more...

In case you have not heard already, Arlen Specter, Sen. from Pennsylvania, has decided to switch political parties. He will now be or become a registered Democrat.

Hard hitting news for the GOP and it certainly is demoralizing.

Sen. Specter has assured folks--not sure if it was a good idea-- that he will retain his independence during his public deliberations. Especially in regards to judicial review.

The main issue for his switch, I feel, was for the fact that he would have received strong competition from the GOP this year in this GOP Penn. primary.

The GOP are a little upset with him because he supports the Obama stimulus package and was a part of three GOP senators, who broke ranks to get the bill passed.

Even before this, Sen. Specter was a staunch advocate for stem cell research. Due to his personal issues, having being afflicted with cancer and having stem cell research be his saving grace, he has proposed that the research should be fully utilized.

The thing is though, the GOP is floundering. As mentioned by Specter, the last three congress-persons to have met, first, the scorn of the conservative GOP and then the challenge by a GOP primary contender, the winning contender, has gone on to lose the election.

This is not good news for the conservative base. What is the true motivating catalysts that turns the voters off from them right now, is yet to be fully determined.

I personally don't think that its about the gay issue, even though many would think so.

I happen to feel that abortion and higher taxes, are the issue of discussion and as of taxes, the management of the economy--who can create better, long term sustainable jobs.

Who's record has been better? And, who is REALLY looking after our kids and their future--born and unborn!

But, as it stands, Sen. Specter has cast his die. The ball is now in the GOP's court. To me, they should shut down the opposition and re-tool their ideas.
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