Friday, April 3, 2009

Sweeping IMF measures.

The G-20 meeting did bear fruit. Allot of fruit. In fact, this meeting was more fruitful than many others in recent years.

I suspect there will be a follow up in the next few months. But, this is a good start--if there will be more to come. I suggest instead of more policies, after this announcement, there should be a monitoring meeting to address the effectiveness in the broad range of implementation.

See IMF press release here

Aside from the $250 bn in SDR to be injected. I for one thinks that global M), broad money, was way too insufficient in the first place. Anything that re-distributes that, is a fantastic thing for the world's poor and middle class.

Another good, but slightly weak new mandate, will be the economic surveillance of the IMF in regards to global finance.

The IMF can't do everything. But, this is what the IMF has been doing, in any event. Will they replace the role of ratings agencies, is another story. I doubt that they can, even if they wanted to. The private market, has a mind of its own in regards to the work THEY have to do--the IMF, unless it is going to be a global investment bank and manager, can't possibly be overall effective in this regard, over ratings agencies and other market related institutions responsible in this regard.

The other police points are somewhat general. There is no commitment on global financial regulation. The commitment to poorer countries, seems as if it would remain the same.

Other than that...good start.
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