Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu fears....

I never thought I would be writing on this swine flue issue, but it has taken up allot of the news as of late. And, more importantly to this author, someone has died from it in the USA as well to add to the 50 or so odd folks who died in Mexico already.

My office has been put under alert. One of our specialists had travelled to Mexico just recently for a conference. It is not known yet if he has been exposed to the virus, but he has been asked to stay at home until the symptoms appear.

Apparently, the virus has a 4-5 day gestation period. So, if someone has contracted the flu, it would not appear until 4 days later.

So, now, the office has put everyone on a special care alert. We are to have no external visitors for the rest of the week, or go on official meetings with people outside of the office.

We have to be careful and tell folks what has happened.

I pray for the best!
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