Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is it all over for Brown?

The FT is against Gordon Brown, it appears. FT Article

But, he really is in a battle for his political career. Jacqui Smith, home secretary resigned. Michael Martin, speaker of the house, has announced his resignation to come in effect by the end of June.

Both embroiled in a cash abuse and credit scandal involving public funds.

Worse than that, comments as of late from Tony Blair about his time in office- horrible time for reflection- hurts Brown more than it helps Tony Blair "feel good" about the steps and mis-steps he took as Prime Minister with his very aggressive second in command, Gordon Brown, now Prime Minister Brown, at his side.

To top it all off, David Cameron is all over the place taking photo's with everyone he can. The latest photo-op was with Joanna Lumley and the Gurkha veterans.

Nothing can save Brown or Labour. The only thing Brown can do is try to win his seat and not lose too many seats.
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