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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Netanyahu wants a limited Palestinian state...

Once he agrees that there will be a Palestinian state moving forward, there is nothing more to add that it is welcomed.

But, will the Palestinians accept this statement?

All of this, mind you, is on the backdrop of the Iranian elections. Ahmedi-Nejad won the Iranian elections, by 62% of the vote over his rival, [sic] Mouseveni.

Netanyahu, delivered this message about a Palestinian state at a major speech on Israeli foreign policy, where he discussed the issue among others--including the issue of how to deal with a, possibly, belligerent Iran.

In the meantime, protests in Iran are ongoing. The news is not reporting about the riots as much. But, from what I see and read, it is very intense. Persons opposite Ahmedi-Nejad have called the election a farce and Mouseveni, has called on the general council of Islamic Clerics- the real power in Iran- to recall the election.

I have my own theories, but it appears as if we will have more of the same form Iran, even though Ahmedi-Nejad has no economic plan moving forward and has not even hinted at easing up on some of the anti-western rhetoric.
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