Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not so sweet deal...

The sugar deal for the Caribbean has just turned bitter.

The Caribbean is set to lose big time to African countries, who can produce sugar at a cheaper rate and higher output level.

The proposed prospect is on the heels of EU sugar reforms, which is set to see African producers gain significantly from this reform.

The details of such reform and why the African countries will fare better than the Caribbean countries is not available to me, but I would like to see it. If it causes this much stir, then its bigger than Caribbean producers ever thought.

The Caribbean has squandered its sugar production many years ago, in any event. They have acquiesced to Latin America and Cuba, in any event. Cuba may feel the sting, but on top of their being on the out and out with the western world, particularly the USA, they may find alternative means and be able to find other forms of suffering in Cuba.
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