Tuesday, June 30, 2009

News round up!

Allot of things happening today, but it's all over the news so permit me to not post any news links. Here are some of my thoughts on some of the things today....

1. Michael Jackson has passed: Good God he will be missed. I am awaiting the news on the issues surrounding his death just like everyone else. I don't think it was foul play, but rather an unfortunate circumstance with him and his private doctor. We will have to wait and see. My condolences to his family and especially his children.

2. Madoff is in the hoosegow: THANK GOD! Bernie Madoff, has been sentenced to 150 years in prison- yikes- for investor fraud. His victims are overjoyed and so am I. Madoff had embezzled, among other victims, a 90 year + couple out of their life savings and their home. Sad. But, glorious day that he is gone for the rest of his life.....enjoy the prison showers, Uncle Bernie.

3. Plane crash in the Comoros: Another Airbus plane crashed in the Comoros, from Yemen. As you would remember, there was another Airbus plane that crashed earlier on in the month, from Brazil on the way back to France. I don't know if it's terrorism or is it just inferior design. A full investigation by European authorities should be underway.

4. Coup in Honduras: What? Yes, a coup in Honduras. The president is out, the equivalent of the speaker of the house in the U.S. is in. Apparently, corruption and the sort---blah blah blah! Apparently the ousted president, Manuel Zelaya, was a left leaning socialist who wanted a constitutional reform in the manner of Chavez in Venezuela. All power to have unlimited presidential terms. I see nothing wrong with it aside from the fact that these guys think that they will live forever. But, it does raise democratic and corruption issues with a leader who wishes to have the ability to stay in power for as long as he wishes....too much power, over too much time, is dangerous. I know!

That's it from this side of the world.

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