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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

7.0 Earthquake hits Haiti...

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Haiti. Yesterday evening, a massive earthquake, 7.0 on the Richter scale, toppled Haiti and now thousands are reported to be dead.

The quake happened in the vicinity of the capitol, Port-Au Prince. Hospitals have collapsed as well as the Presidential Palace. Roads are un-passable and getting aid in may prove difficult.

A Tsunami watch was placed for the Southern and South-Eastern parts of The Bahamas. The folks in our Southern most islands, Inaqua in particular, have reported that they had experienced tremors with the massive quake.

As you all know, The Bahamas is comprised of a chain of islands, that are very low lying and a prone to tidal surges. Weather forecasters and scientists state that a tsunami is unlikely, due to the nature of the earthquake and the tectonic plates that caused it.

The plates are not aligned to create tsunami type waves, because, as they indicate, they are facing each other and are sliding past each other. A plate shift, where the plates are on top of one another-- let's say, plates that are V or "check mark" shaped, do have the capacity to cause tidal surges and, hence, tsunamis.

My prayers go out to all Haitian people in Haiti and the ones that are abroad, in need of contacting their family.

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company, BTC, needs to make all outgoing calls to Haiti, free of charge for the remainder of the week. The Red Cross from The Bahamas needs to be in Inagua by tonight and ready to go to Haiti, with Defence Force personnel, by tomorrow morning.

Prayers go out to all of my Haitian friends. We are truly blessed to be in The Bahamas, even if it takes a tragedy like this for us to appreciate this!
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