Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti still needs help...

Well, the body count still is continuing to rise. As far as it stands now, over 50 thousand dead and another 100 thousand to be presumed dead by next week.

Aid agencies are trying to ramp up resources to help victims. One of the more sadder stories out of the mess, is about an 11 year old girl who was trapped for two days after the quake, with her leg trapped underneath the rubble. She was fed and given water for the initial two days until she was freed, but the day that she was freed, she died from her injuries.

You can still give aid. The people will need it.

Places of note where you can donate funds are:
The Red Cross
The Clinton/Bush Haiti Fund
The Salvation Army

While there may be others, these are the ones where folks should focus most of their attention, because they are legitimate agencies.

Yele is a group started by recording artist, Wycleff Jean, and focuses on goods and clothes, primarily. But, they do accept funds.

The Clinton/Bush fund was just recently started and they have a website up already, at the request of president Obama.

Please, send what you can and pray if you want.
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