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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brown and Darling in disagreement over deficit!

What a load of political posturing. Chancellor of the Ex-Chequer, Alistair Darling and British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, are at odds about the amount of of the deficit and how to control it. As reported by the FT, today.

Aren't they on the same team? It seems as if Darling and Brown are gearing up for elections, next year, mandatory. Darling knows the public hates the deficit. Brown knows that he has to spend to stay in to win the next election, due to the horrible U.K. and global economy. Will the voters believe that is a plausible excuse, or use it to oust both Brown and Darling, is, yet again, another story.

More than likely, as it appears, Darling is going out on the limb by himself and leaving Brown to explain the borrowing and the deficit. Politically expedient, is not even the term to describe this.

I thought Brown would have called an election before the end of 2009. But, he didn't. Good thing he didn't, because his poll numbers were slipping and the general consensus is, that, when the economy is bad and jobs are being lost, the government of the day normally loses.

A former Guyanese President once said "I don't see how any sitting government 'can' lose an election?"....maybe we would have to ask Gordon Brown, by the middle of next year-- how could he?!?!

Of course the Conservatives are capitalizing. Opposition Tory leader, David Cameron, has his campaign posters all over the country, so reports have it; "Cut the deficit, not the NHS"....a sign of reassurance that "if" the Tories were to win, they would cut the amount of borrowing the British government has been undertaking to run the deficit to the way it is, and would not be cutting essential public services like; the National Health Services (NHS) education of the police force. All Labour party public institutions of record!

We will have to see...
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