Wednesday, January 27, 2010

President Obama's state of the union speech tonight!

Well, President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, is set to make his first state of the union speech tonight at prime time.

Of course, the media is making a big deal about it as they should. But, to me, it is a little anti-climatic. The main reason is that there has been to much ballyhoo about his first year during the course of the year, that it will and has overshadowed everything he is set to say.

From the inauguration, to the economy, to health care, to the underwear bomber and now the Haitian crisis, it seems as if he has been set to the background over fundamental issues that have been apart of the American, Hemispheric and Global agenda for quite some time.

While these are, by part, his problems for the most part. The gravity of the situations have been exacerbated by the hopes that president Obama will deliver results on all of these matters.

Perhaps President Obama is a victim of his own hype?

Worst of it all, is that he has been called a liar, among other things, as well as dragged in the mud because of his former political allies by his political enemies, not all of them on his right.

Maybe, some of the folks who were on the right may be more to his centre than he may want to admit. Perhaps some who parade around as allies still may be his allies...folks in Acorn and the Weather Underground. The only thing left is to align him with the Black Panther movement, and we would have public enemy #1.

In any case, Obama is set to deliver a message on cutting the federal budget- cutting back some of the programmes- as well as a message on specialised funding for education.

Not much is being mentioned about any notes on the economy. Liberal pundits are lauding, that while we are still not yet beyond the crisis, Obama has done well, considering the circumstances, and taken us beyond measure from what former President Bush had left it.

Notice I said that the liberal pundits are lauding it, not necessarily the folks from Obama's economic team.

We will have to see what he lays out tonight.
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