Friday, January 1, 2010

Did I tell you guys about this? Give me your thoughts!

Well, the New Year started off without a bang, even though the crotch bomber- Mutallab- nearly caused it to be a big bang on Christmas day. But, it was averted. That's fantastic.

Anywhoo...I forgot to mention that the National Law Centre for Inter-American Free Trade, AKA " NATLAW ", in Tucson Arizona, USA, had put up an article of mine to their website. This was ok. However, they wanted to charge onlookers a fee- $40.00 USD- to view it.

The article was about Bahamian Craw-fishermen and how they can, possibly, learn from OPEC. The article appeared here, first, on Thursday, August 6, 2009 and then on Caribbean Net News (my main publication outlet of choice) on Tuesday, August 11, 2009-- they lifted the article from the Caribbean Net News!

As you would normally be inclined to think, one should be elated. However, they were charging folks to view it, without asking me if whether or not they can or will be charging people to view it.

What a trip!?! How dare they?!?!?

Well, of course I contacted the powers that be at the centre and asked them to hand over all royalties made from the sale of my publication, as well as for any further reference, any additional publications they should contact me with any material or research that they may desire from my intellectual brain box (a bit much, I know!).

You would think that a supposed international law centre, would be more careful as to not charge people and, in a sense, pirate intellectual property from artisans. An international law centre, attached to the University of Arizona at that.

Anyways...they have since removed the price tag and the blockage link to the article, which would ask for persons to pay the fee. However, they have also "copyrighted" the material.

What type of organisation is this?

In any event, let it work, is my work. I should now check into if whether or not they are charging folks to view it on campus, or at their library.

Should I let it go, or take pride in my achievement and small victory?

Happy New Year!
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