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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Burris will be seated!

Nothing more that can be said about it. In fact, the Senate and the proponents who wanted him to not be seated--Sen Reid and Sen Durbin-- have no legal basis to not seat him.

Roland Burris, is the senate appointment made by embattled Illinois Governor Rob Blagojevich. 71 year old Burris was a former comptroller and Atty Gen. of the state of Illinois.

The main issue of contention by Reid, Durbin and Senators who agree with them--so they say--is that he has been appointed by the tainted Governor of Illinois. I think we all know about the troubles of the Governor of Illinois attempting to sell the senate seat of the now president elect Barack Obama.

The scene is embarrassing. It shows that the senate does not know the law. Also, it looks as if the senate are over-reaching their powers and trying to force Gov Blagojevich to choose who they want him to choose--or he would have to leave, if he does not.

I think Burris will be seated. He is not tainted. Gov. Blagojevich got away with it. Let it all die.

However, if I was Burris, I would not expect any assistance from my senate colleagues. This would make for an interesting choice on morals. For one, if they choose to not be civil to Burris, he does not have to be civil or cover up for any one's mistakes. He would be the ultimate loose cannon. He would have the right to vote on his morals and experience. I don't think Burris is morally bankrupt, because if he was, we would have heard it by now.

The Democrats have egg on their faces. They should just seat the man and let it be.
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