Friday, January 2, 2009

Is Redwood just simple?

"John Redwood, the Tory MP, said this was proof the ban should be abandoned. 'Most of the reason why the share prices fell was because people who owned them wanted to get out of them.”'He warned that banks may need more taxpayers’ money this year unless the authorities relax their capital rules. "

John Redwood, Tory MP, should best keep his economic ideas out of the public domain.

That statement there, is the reason why there is so much of the stale status-quo that has plagued the financial markets for decades, to now, this seriously dangerous economic time.

The reason, Mr. Redwood, why investors abandoned various stocks, because, they were overpriced in the first place, due to GROSSLY incorrect price valuations that short selling produced.

Get it right, Redwood!
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