Friday, January 9, 2009

Does Blair hate Brown?

Here is Tony Blair, who is out of the power structure of Downing Street of UK politics, saying that the UK's 'light touch' regulation, has in fact been very inadequate over the past few years. In fact, he states that it would have been a big political problem to implementing newer regulations which touched on stricter transparency in relation to capital requirements.

Why not stick a stake right through the heart of Gordon Brown, why don't you Mr. Blair?

Knowing the fact that Mr. Brown is now PM, suggesting that he was number to to you, while you were PM and knowing that he has a tremendous political stake in the matter and you don't--having left office--you put Brown at the centre of attention and the political backlash, which the city will impose on him on top of the growing economic dissatisfaction by the population in general.

Thank God the main economy, has less knowledge of High Street than High Street has of the main economy.

But, it was not a proper time for Blair to speak to government inadequacies on behalf of his leadership and then, mention Gordon Brown as a part player by admission, on his behalf no doubt, to their political conundrum on how to promote a better transparent and capital adequate city.

At this time, Gordon Brown's popularity took a tremendous boost amidst his leadership during the financial crisis. His government, was one of the first to respond and, respond with global solutions as well as enact domestic solutions.

This, should give the conservatives the type of firepower to use against the leadership of Blair, who's legacy, is now being managed by the current PM Gordon Brown. The Blair legacy is secure, in any event and does not need Brown or anyone, securing it for him.

This latest statement by Blair, may give an impetus for the Conservatives, to use that as a clarion call for all to get rid of labour and all of the rest of the Blair-ites!

Good one Blair. Way to shoot down Gordon Brown.
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