Friday, January 2, 2009

Russia Ukraine argument, petty?

Hell no. Just pay the bill, Ukraine!

They already get gas at a much cheaper rate than do other European countries, to the tune of less than half. But, the recent dispute, the Ukrainian government wants a deeper cut?

Russia has cut them off as of Jan 1st 2009. Ukraine should just pay the bill.

The recent row is over a proposed hike in prices, from just under $180 per thousand cubic metre's to $250 per thousand cubic metre's. Western Europe, on average, pay over $500 per thousand cubic metre's.

While the Russians claim that Ukraine has not been paying it's taxes on oil, seeing that the Ukrainians have such a sweet deal, they, should, pay their bills!

At that rate, it's a wonder why Russian firms went along with that program for so long.

But, the story goes way back to the late 90's and before, with the signing of the Friendship treaty between two countries.

Russia, then under president Yeltsin, promised to forgive the Ukraine of it's debt in oil in particular and to increase commercial ties.

More than 10 years later and we are here at the same issue, with different actors but the same problem!
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