Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The War shifts!

The war in the middle east--not the recent conflagration with Israel and Palestine. But, the real war in the middle east with the USofA and the rest of the Arab countries.

Contrary to what pundits would say that America is not doing (going to war with Arab countries), the fact of the matter is it is in fact a war with Arab and Islamic countries.

Now, the war and it's staring point from either side, is too confusing to unwrap. Too many emotions and mis-information's and mis-interpretations on what's bad, good or just or unjust on either side, to say that there is a definite agitator.

For example, Osama Bin-Laden has said that his actions and the actions of many of the Islamist's, are as a result of US imperial polices in the middle east. He has said that the monopolization of the middle eastern oil and the buying of middle eastern governments, like the Saudi Government and even with Saddam Hussein's Iraq at the time, are the types of polices he says has held the Islamic people back and under the foot of dictators and infidels.

On the other side, many US officials say that their recent position they find themselves in with Islamist's, start right there with the 9-11 attacks. In fact, if they were to tell the entire story, the attacks started with the bombing of the USS Cole and further back, the hostages being taken after the Islamic revolution in Iran in the late 70's.

But, many pro-America proponents blame Islamo-fascists in their attack on 9-11 as the gauntlet, being thrown down. Of course, this theory, neglects one simple fact that US engagement in the region, goes back to the second world war until now. This theory propounded in intellectual circles, is also lacking understanding in Islamic understandings on what constitutes and insult and oppression.

Here lies the problem with the US news media and the disconnect with officials as their extension, on how in fact did this mis-understanding--that has caused any lives-- came to be.

This, from my perspective, keeps Americans perpetually confused and angry with their politicians and news sources, while the war in the middle east against Arabs rages on. I say that, because, Arabs and Islamic fundamentalists, see this as a war against them and they have a right to feel so.

However, in recent times, and, right before our eyes, the war has shifted. The priorities has been shifting, ever since the troop surge success in the Iraq war. With also a change in president's in the US and changes in Secretary's of State, there is also a shift in tactic on engagement in the middle east.

So, here is what we have now:
1. Iraq is going to get less and less attention, as the troop surge worked.
2. Pakistan and their un-policed tribal area, is going to get focus (this is upon the last meeting with still Sen and new vice president Joe Biden with leaders from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq)
3. The premium placed on the importance of a nuclear free Iran, by president elect Obama during his campaign stump having being quoted as "nuking Iran is an option" and Sec. of State elect Hillary Clinton, with her new approach to engagement in Iran at her senate confirmation hearing.

The war in the middle east is shifting right before our eyes. Priorities are being re-arranged. How will the world leaders manage this change, is beyond me. But, I do not expect for war in the middle east, to come to dead halt in the next few years.
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