Thursday, January 8, 2009

Political breakdown in Zimbabwe!

Author's Chris Beyrer and Frank Donahue of the Washington Post today, could not have said it better!

What will Obama and Zimbabwe's neighbors do about Mugabe.

It's just time to get tough and remove him Saddam style? Perhaps. I too am one who thinks that this should be at least in the top three options. However, will a removal by force make his party, the Zanu-PF, a para-military group by proxy?

I would ask for a complete military intervention, if I was sure the military would be on our side. There is no power vacuum and the opposition afterwards, the Zanu-PF, were to not turn out to be a military born faction, fighting for "freedom" post Mugabe!

Such is the issue. While Mugabe is a mutt with many fleas, taking him our by force may end up i a long term sustained war where they in-fighting may go on for years---with more casualties.
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