Sunday, January 18, 2009

A cease fire...or a "cessation"!?!?

It appears as if there is a cease fire, being observed and I hope acted upon, between Israel and Hamas.

If you don't know already, Israel invaded the Gaza Strip late last year in an attempt to root out the terrorist elements in the Gaza Strip being aided by Hamas--the duly elected government.

Well, in my reckoning, considering that Hamas is being labeled a terrorist organization by many international organizations, including the USofA, rooting out terrorists, may be problematic, especially when Hamas is the elected government--surprisingly democratically-- of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Thus far, Israel has called for a cease fire:

Hamas, has also called for a one week cease fire, although shortly after Israel said it would ease the tensions:

I guess Hamas had no other choice, as it was being totally obliterated by the Israeli forces. Better to call an end to it, when you know you really can't fight the battle on a sustained level.

But, will this be a true "cease fire" or just a "cessation in hostilities" (as some diplomats may prefer to label it). You decide!

However, considering that president elect Obama will be inaugurated this Wednesday (Jan 20th, 2009), it is odd that Israel, would call for a cease fire now--when they know the Obama administration, would probably not aid their campaign in the middle east the way the neo-con's or the Bush administration, would.

The Israeli's said it [the invasion] was about taking out Hamas and in particular, the terrorist's that were lobbing rockets into Israel. However, what has not been told, is that evacuated Jewish settlers who were once in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, have been savagely attacking their Arab neighbours post evacuation--most likely, prompting the rocket attacks.

Israeli Prime Minster Ehud Olmert called the attacks by the Jewish settles on their Arab neighbours in the West Bank a "pogrom"...shortly afterwards, Israel started an attack on Gaza.

Time will only tell what will happen in the next few weeks. But, if this is the case that the Israeli's, are afraid of an Obama administration line against them, then, this invasion of the Gaza Strip showed cowardice and is wrought with deceit.
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