Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cameron is trying!!

Give David Cameron, the leader of the opposition Tory party in the UK parliament, an A for effort. And, riding out the storm, during this wave of Labour love with Gordon Brown and the British people.

Polls were up fro Brown, during his spectacular leadership during the global financial crisis. He looked stellar. But, that is short lived and it will be soon forgotten, once people get back to the reality of a slowing economy, regardless what has happened and will be done by the Chancellor. And, once the peanut butter hits the fan on the reckless pre-budget stimulus, for the long term, that Chancellor Darling and PM Brown, handed the British people!! More debt and little stimulus!

But, throughout it all, Cameron is navigating through very treacherous waters, but his seat as leader of the Tories is safe. Hague is a dead man, politically. Shadow Chancellor, George Osbourne, does not have the "trust" factor for him to be leader, even before we discuss his shenanigans with Russian oligarch's like Derispaka of Rusal.

The latest issue he has been battling, is his test of the waters, attempting to get some of his fellow Shadow MP's, to quit their 6 figure a day jobs. I giggled when I typed that, seriously.

See article in the FT, here...http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/3ee0fde6-d056-11dd-ae00-000077b07658.html

More importantly, though, Gordon Brown is not an attractive leader. Cameron does not sound at all bad. In fact, he looks very impressive. Why shouldn't folks give Cameron and the Tories a shot? In fact, if Tony Blair were not such a supreme intellect, Cameron would fair reasonably well against a Blair Labour Party on any given week. While it would have taken allot of work to win, a win, was certainly not out of the question.

So, it isn't "if" Cameron becomes PM. It's not even a matter of "when," as much as it is "how soon."
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