Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What next for India?

They don't want to go to war with Pakistan and they don't want terrorist's coming over the border.

Should they wait on the Obama campaign with the impending attack on Northern Pakistan? Or, do they "try" to work with the Pakistani government?

The odds are they let it slide. Indian's are pacifists--sorry to say. But, it is in their cultural makeup, to be peace makers. While both countries had a nuclear arms race, India would not have been the first to use it. And, certainly, would not be the one to invade on the ground in Pakistan.

The Pakistanis have a soft target in India. Sad. I think a good butt-whooping of Pakistan, before the IMF financial and economic reforms kick in, would do the country a bit of good.

Then again, the economic reforms may make the people Les tense in Pakistan--who are clearly jealous of the prosperous Indians. But, their religion may not make them enjoy their new success!!

We will have to wait and see what happens under all circumstances in any event. Its up to the new Pakistani Government and President Zadari. He appears to be smart, but, the culture of politics in Pakistan, does not work on the most craftiest or the most intelligent, it works on family favour---so, he can do what he wants!

But, as it stands now, thoughts of the attack is dying down as many thought it would!
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